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About Al

ZARRIA was established by a passionate consortium of Information Technology Experts to address the growing need by various business sectors for highly available, reliable, distributable and integrable software solutions. ZARRIA Solutions make use of industry best practice patterns which are highly cost effective, tried and tested. All ZARRIA Solution fundamentals are based on logical and practical design and architecture approaches, making the solutions easy to support, maintain and implement, thereby decreasing our client's "time-to-market", and increasing their return on investments. Our experts jointly have over 30 years experience working on some of South Africa's key and crucial economic systems including systems in the:

Financial Sector • Automotive Sector • Insurance Sector

Security Services Sector • Hotel and Leisure Sector.

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver solutions that provide our clients with an edge over their competitors, increased service delivery and market reputation. If our Clients do not prosper, ZARRIA does not prosper.


About Al

ZARRIA has partnered with some of the leading IT Experts within South Africa to allow the best possible solution proposals to our clients.
ZARRIA has numerous:

Enterprise Architects • Solution Architects • Application Architects

Data Scientists • Designers • Subject Matter Experts in various fields

All our experts sub-contract their services when required. Should you be an IT professional and want to join a world class team, please forward your credentials to

ZARRIA Services

About Al

ZARRIA offers numerous IT services, including:

Architecture and Design • Application Development (Web, Mobile, Desktop) Software Customization • Data Modeling and Business Intelligence Integration • Analysis service • Automated and Manual Testing • Specilized sytems (High Volume, Low Latency) • Infrastructure and Network Services including physical and virtual implementations (Cloud Services)

Please feel free to contact ZARRIA with your specific requirements. ZARRIA has a vast network of IT professionals in all areas of expertise, and offers most IT services.

ZARRIA Consulting

About Al

In addition to the services provided by ZARRIA, consulting services are also offered should clients require an expert opinion on initiatives and/or best practise guidelines on implementation strategies and technology roadmaps.

Additionally, we are glad to assist with innovation ideas and cost saving initiatives.


About Al

ZARRIA is committed to provide our clients with the best, most cost effective products and services within South Africa. Be it website design, application, mobile, enterprise solutions or infrastructure design, rest assured that ZARRIA will provide the best possible solution for the least amount of money. ZARRIA only makes use of the industries tried and trusted technologies and best practice patterns to optimize source reuse, increase reliability, availability and stability, while decreasing support, maintenance and implementation overhead and key resource dependencies.

From cutting edge development technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, AppFabric, .NET and cloud services to leading data management and storage solutions, ZARRIA will find a way to make any solution cost effective. Feel free to try us anytime, obligation free.

ZARRIA Open Source

About Al

ZARRIA is committed to Open Source initiatives and undertakes to always promote Open Source initiatives. Should part of a ZARRIA solution proposal utilize any open source technologies, ZARRIA will abide to the terms and conditions that forms part of the terms of use license in the open source project, and not charge any fees for use of this open source software.

In the event where the terms of use of open source software does not require royalty or any other fees, ZARRIA will encourage clients to make a donation however big or small to the relevant open source community.

ZARRIA Contact

About Al

Please feel free to contact ZARRIA for any IT service or solution requirements.

Any queries can be directed to: Or

FAX : +27 86 552 5134

A ZARRIA representative will respond to your enquiry.

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